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Buy Wooden Wall Clocks at EZ Life

Get mesmerized and mesmerize your guests with a vintage looking clock. Complete your room décor with EZ Life’s authentic wooden Wall clocks. They are not only functional but also provide a stylish and rustic look. Wooden clocks are classy and vintage. This excellent timepiece is no lesser than a wallflower, watching everything as it performs its duty.

Features of Wooden Wall Clocks:

Wood is vintage, long-lasting and reliable. A wooden wall clock enhances your personality and throws an impression of being strong and stable. They are classic and never fails to impress the one who looks at it. They are durable and stylish. These time pieces can be used at the office, home, living room, dining room, drawing room, bedroom etc.

Benefits of Wooden Clocks:

Economical machines that allow you to travel time at every look.  The installation of wooden wall clocks is easy. It requires only one AA battery and needs to be hung on the wall. These time pieces are timeless, with old-school design and a rustic look, they can be used forever. Wooden wall clocks are eye catching. It doesn’t matter that your room has a modern décor, vintage items go with all kinds of furnishings.

Types of Wooden Wall Clocks at EZ Life:

Different types of wooden clocks at EZ Life:

Nautical Clock with Chain & Anchor: This clock is a classic. It gives you the feel of being on a ship with chains all around. The clock is the shape of a kite with an anchor hanging down, attached to the dial with chains.

Nautical Clock with Anchor: This clock is designed for people who like to sail and love the concept of an anchor. Remain calm and hold strong. The dial of this clock is in the middle of the anchor.

Sailor’s Wheel Nautical Clock: We all have fancied paddling a wheel on a boat. Well, you cannot paddle this wheel, but can surely enjoy the feeling of being on a boat. The dial is in the shape of the wheel with handles in eight directions.

Sailor’s Grand Wheel Nautical Clock: This one is bigger, gives the look of a ship’s wheel. This wheel of fortune never fails to disappoint whenever you look at it. The design is a work of art having the dial of the clock in the centre.

Size of the clocks:

In the olden days, clocks used to be huge in size. But, we know that there is no place to place big wooden clocks, so, we have got smaller versions of them. They take up less space, are easily hangable and can be read from an appropriate distance.

Price of Wooden Clocks:

These timepieces are not only a delight to your eyes but are also an important decorative material. The designs are flawless. The price of these priceless clocks is from Rs. 1,200/- to Rs. 2,000/-

Shop online at EZ Life today for an antique wall clock at affordable prices which is unique, attractive and expresses your values. These clocks are suitable for corporate, personal and housewarming gifts.

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