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Buy Travel Pillows Online at EZ Life

We travel for various reasons, business, personal work or just leisure. We want our travel to be comfortable and relieving. Nowadays, travelling has been fast, in no time one can reach from one place to another. But, the virtues and rules of the travel remain same, we do get tired and have some body aches. Most common in this generation is neck pain due to insufficient support or sleeping in a position for too long, relief from this kind of pain is provided by using a neck pillow. There is a wide range of travel pillows at EZ Life. 

Types of Travel Pillows

Many types of travel pillows are available with different kinds of bedding. Some of the most and comfortable travel pillows included memory foam and inflatable. Some of these products are specially designed for certain ailments to avoid discomfort and provide the relief that is required while on the go. Inflatable neck pillows allow customizing firmness and support as per the requirement.

Advantages of Travel Pillows

There are many advantages of using a travel pillow. Neck pain is only one of the many reasons for use. Avoid neck pain and head ache with the use of memory foamed neck pillow. There can be respiratory problems if, the neck is not in a certain position. Neck problems and headache are some common symptoms. Use of a pillow while travelling is considerable because it holds the spine in its position, avoiding other aches like head, lower back and shoulders. These pillows are light in weight (about 160 grams) ideal to be used for a long time.

Some other benefits are:

• Neck pillows with memory foam are custom fit, giving better comfort and reducing the stress in neck and shoulders.
• Travel pillows are convenient to pack as well as carry. It can be hooked on the luggage easily.
• Neck pillows help to maintain an erect posture relieving from the discomfort of leaning.
• The support given by travel pillow helps to reduce severe neck pain.
• Travel pillows are not just for the travel, but you can even use at home or take to the workplace to get added comfort.

Uses of Travel Pillow:

Travel pillows are not only usable while travelling, they are convenient for daily use as well. With medical benefits such as relieving neck pain, maintain right posture, et cetera, pillow with memory foam is an ideal choice. They are easy to use and carry. Many chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors recommend using neck pillows in the routine. These pillows can be wrapped around the neck or used as a cushion while travelling to work in a car or on the train. They are easy and quick to use and carry, so, it could be used for short distances as well as long journeys. Travel pillow provides support to neck avoiding leaning on other passengers on the airplane. These can also be used as backrest, footrest and to support hamstrings.

Price of Travel Pillow at EZ Life:

Travel Pillows at EZ Life starts from Rs. 400. They are priced according to the type they belong. Neck pillows with memory foam are priced higher than inflatable because they are long lasting, high quality bedding is used and the outer material of the pillow is best quality cotton or velvet.

Colours available:

Choose from the colours that suit your personality. At EZ Life, travel pillows are available in four colours: Grey, Navy Blue, Red & Blue Checks and Yellow & Blue Checks. The outer casing of Grey and Navy-Blue variant is cotton knitting and the outer cover of other two is velvet.

How to use Travel Pillow:

Neck pillows can be used while travelling as well as every day. We all sleep in different positions. Some sleep upright and in a single position for the whole night while some sleep in one position and wake up in another. So, to help you get your sleeping pattern right on the travel, use of travel pillow is recommended. Neck pillows can be used to sleep on the side as well as the back. The travel pillow supports your head and prevents it from leaning and tilting forward and backward when you are sleeping on your back. When sleeping on the side, travel pillows helps you to keep the nose aligned with the centre of your body, giving proper posture. Sleeping in unnatural positions can lead to some serious injuries like twisting or breaking the neck, resulting in severe pain.

Buy Travel Pillows at EZ Life for a hassle-free travel and a relaxing experience.

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