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Buy Teaware Online at EZ Life

EZ Life brings you such unique and classy products in the Tea ware section at affordable prices which will enrich and encourage your taste buds for tea with the perfect looking infusers and mugs that add up on the experience which are perfect for any occasion that comes in mind so shop online today and get yourself or your loved ones the best collection of Tea ware that will make your meet ups last longer. Tea wares by EZ Life are a lifestyle good that improves your dining décor and enriches your tea time.

Tea Infuser

An ideal 'have tea anywhere' EZ LIFE's infuser made of Stainless Steel. These infusers allow tea leaves to expand and provide full infusion of the leaves. An ideal gift which is not only beautiful but also functional. Because of their sleek design and hook handle they can also be used in a tall glass to enhance cold beverages like water or to make iced tea. The insulation prevents heat loss, retaining temperature of the drink for a long time. One issue while having a hot beverage or a cold one is water rings, it screams to us every time, “USE A COASTER!” EZ Life’s infused glass collection makes your tea time worry free and relaxing, due to infused layer, there is no water ring and condensation on the glass wall.

Tea Pots

Make tea drinking an enjoyable experience, Made from durable, tempered borosilicate glass. EZ Teapot can be used for hot and iced tea brew; Elegant and modern design. The handle has special feature-easy to grab. The capacity of EZ Life’s teapot varies from 350 ml to 650 ml, suitable for couples, nuclear families and get-togethers. There are various designs and models of teapots available at EZ Life, each has its own unique selling proposition (USP). You get something different and a plus one with every product in EZ Life’s Teapots collection. Tea pots with infusers, to diffuse flavour of the tea evenly. We have tea jar with tea filters, and we have tea pots with authentic oriental shape and a bamboo handle to complete the look and feel. In India, no other tea is consumed compared to Chai, at EZ Life, we understand your requirements and cater your needs, a classic tea chai pot is an excellent choice for a healthy breakfast and a light high tea. Ideal for corporate and individual gifting.

Shop online for Tea Pots, Tea Infusers, Tea Hampers and more at EZ Life. Affordable prices and quirky appearance is worth the money. Tea ware at EZ Life is an apt gifting solution for personal, corporate and housewarming occasions.