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Buy Pet Products Online at EZ Life

They say pets are a man’s best friend so why not make your lovable friend have some cool and trendy pet products available at EZ Life online shopping at affordable prices which will make them look cuter than ever with a dash of classy and maintain their health and hygiene with the best products which your pets will absolutely love.

Pet Grooming & Knot Remover Comb

Remove knots and tangles instantly from your pet's hair without pulling pain or stress. The electric rotating blades remove knots with the touch of a button. EZ Life's Knot Out grooming tool gently massages your dog or cat while keeping the become your favourite pet hair removal tool. This comb is electronic and neither affects the skin of your per nor affects the hair quality. Removing knots and combing the hair, has two major benefits; Combing the hair regularly, keeps your pet’s body hair free from dirt and maintains its quality along with shine. The hair tends to be smooth and strong. The pet grooming and knot remover combs not only makes it easy to use but also makes it convenient and practical. The other benefit is that the hair looks fluffy and the pet looks in good health. There is no need for full water bath every day.

Dog Harness Set 

PADDED SOFT FOAM: Dog harness set with padded soft foam is light in weight and designed to fit small, medium and large breed dogs, comfortable when dress on. The foam gives a soft feeling that feels like a cushion and avoids irritation. It also gives support and avoids rashes.

LIGHT REFLECTIVE: Keep your dog safe with a light reflective material band, striking vision in the night and dark circumstance, avoid traffic accident in the night, good for Dogs Safety, and it's also cool. Adds an ornamental element which makes your dog look good and unique. It also throws a style statement.

WITH HANDLE: good for dog's sporting and training, easy control when hiking and outdoor movement. Designed especially for wild breeds like German Shepherd, Doberman, Siberian Husky etc. that needs to be kept in human control to avoid domestic violence. This handle helps you to keep your dog under control and allows you to overpower it.

QUICK RELEASE RING: ring part quick release for different kind of Buckle Leashes, lead rope.

Rotating Tie & Belt Hanger

The perfect solution for hanging your ties, keeping them neat and unwrinkled. Non-Slip curved arms hold ties securely and prevent slipping. Durable construction, thin space saving design also maximizes closet space. The Hanger is thicker than ordinaries, and the Hook longer than others. 360° fingertip spinning provides for easy selection, anti-slip arms hold ties in place. Fits over closet rod and requires one-step installation.

Pet Pearl Necklace with LED Light 

LED Flashing Light collar - Safety night walking - High quality and stylish - Bright light can be seen from far away - Simply pushing the control button makes the light ON/FLASH/OFF. Never lose your pet again while at evening or night walks! One size fits all- Easily trimmable to fit your pet's neck. It’s a stylish piece of utility not only serving as a special identity to your pet but also the safety of the pet.