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Bamboo Coaster - Dark Brown & Silvery White (Set of 6)

Bamboo Coaster - Dark Brown...

Bamboo Coaster - Brown & Green (Set of 6)

Bamboo Coaster - Brown &...

Oriental Chopstick, Chopstick Rest & Bowl Set (4 pieces each)  - Red

Oriental Chopstick,...

Oriental Wooden Chopsticks Set - Red & Blue Floral (Pack of 5)

Oriental Wooden Chopsticks...

Oriental Wooden Chopsticks Set - White (Pack of 5 )

Oriental Wooden Chopsticks...

Party Picks - Mask Design (Pack of 12)

Party Picks - Mask Design...

Funky Party Forks - Dart  - (Pack of 12)

Funky Party Forks - Dart...

Funky Party Forks - Black Nails  -  (Pack of 18)

Funky Party Forks - Black...

Funky Party Forks - Golden Nails (Pack of 18)

Funky Party Forks - Golden...

Photo Card Holder - Eiffel Tower(2 Pieces) - Mixed Color

Photo Card Holder - Eiffel...

Photo Card Holder - Macroon Bow (2 Pieces) - Mixed Color

Photo Card Holder - Macroon...

Wine Cooler Bag - Blue

Wine Cooler Bag - Blue

Wine Cooler Bag - Green

Wine Cooler Bag - Green

Wine Cooler Bag - Transparent

Wine Cooler Bag - Transparent

Chalkboard Clips Set of 6 Pcs - Multicolor

Chalkboard Clips -...

Chalkboard with Cartoon - Mix Design (Pack of 3)

Chalkboard With Cartoon...

Photo frame with Memo Holder - Butterfly - Mix Color - Pack of 3

Photo frame With Memo...

Photo frame with Memo Holder - Heart - Mix Color - Pack of 3

Photo frame With Memo...

Silicon Squeezy Dispenser for Sauces/Dressings

Silicon Squeezy Dispenser...

Elegant Tea Infuser Glass With Strainer and Lid - 350 ml  (1piece)

Elegant Tea Infuser Glass...

Boss Tea Infuser Cup With Strainer and Lid - 300 ml (1piece )

Boss Tea Infuser Cup With...

Oriental Glass Tea Pot with Flowers - 1000ml (1piece)

Oriental Glass Tea Pot With...

Oriental Glass Tea Pot with Flowers & Bamboo Handle - 800 ml (1piece)

Oriental Glass Tea Pot With...

Glass Tea Pot With Handle - 800ml (1piece)

Glass Tea Pot With Handle -...

Double Wall Square Tea Cup Set with Saucer - 150 ml ( Set of 6)

Double Wall Square Tea Cup...

Double Wall Royal Tea Cup Set with Saucer - 250 ml ( Set of 4)

Double Wall Royal Tea Cup...

Cocktail Glass with Smoky Tail ( Pack of 2)

Cocktail Glass With Smoky...


Double Wall Tea Cups 200ml...


Ceramic Tea Pot - 900ml - Fans


Ceramic Tea Pot - 900ml -...


Buy Oriental Tableware Online at EZ Life

Tradition is one thing, which is highly respected all over the world. When it comes to tradition, Asians are the people who are most connected to its roots and want to stay connected. Although Asians and Asian countries have always welcomed new and different cultures and traditions, they never forgot theirs. So, with respect to Asian traditions and culture, EZ Life brings you Oriental table Ware. A wide range of oriental crockery, tea pots, dining décor and more is easily available at EZ Life. The Chinese have always stayed true to their roots. We can see that from Chinese films, politics and other resources of Pop-Culture. Chinese culture is an ancient and influential culture in the world. We have Chinese restaurants all over the world. Authentic Chinese food is easy to cook but, difficult to present. Now serve authentic Chinese food in appropriate Oriental crockery with perfect Oriental Cutlery. Chopsticks, bowls and teapots that are placed neatly on Oriental mats. It is very difficult to use chopsticks, but it is more difficult to eat Japanese and Thai cuisine without chopstick. It is an insult to their tradition and culture when one eats with hands or uses fork and knife. 

Oriental Chopsticks

No Oriental table is complete without a pair of chopsticks. In other words, we can say that chopsticks are a necessity for an Oriental Table. Shop chopsticks online from EZ life and give your dining décor an ornament that suits just right.

Oriental Teapots

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in China. The Chinese usually prepare tea in quantity because they consume a lot. In China, tea is consumed with all the meals, and during the day as well. It seems impractical to prepare tea again and again, so, tea is prepared in quantity is a teapot. At EZ Life, we offer Oriental teapots with infusers that allow the flavour of the tea to diffuse evenly and slowly, enhancing the taste of the tea and keeping it warm for a long time. At EZ Life, we have Oriental teapots with side handles and bamboo handles that gives an authentic Chinese look and feel, allowing you to serve the right tea in the correct manner.

Try your hand at oriental cooking which the perfect oriental tableware products available at EZ Life. Set your table with the right cutlery matching your dishes. From Bamboo Coasters to Dining sets and yes, no oriental dining is complete without a set of chopsticks. We have a huge collection and lovely styles to choose from. 

Serve a pot of tea with are expertly crafted and are heat resistant which also prevents rusting and has in-built infusers for easy brewing. Shop today and take your dining to a whole new atmosphere. Ride the Orient Express in your home with a perfect Orient Tableware that goes great with all the types of dining décor.