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LED Blow On - Blow Off...

Rose Light String - 20 White Flowers with Multicolor LED Lights

Rose Light String - 20...

Flowers Plastic Light String - 20 White Flowers with Multicolor LED Lights

Flowers Plastic Light...

Glass Bottle Light Strings  - 10 Bottle with Multicolor LED Lights

Glass Bottle Light Strings...

Pom Pom Plastic Light String  - 20 White PomPoms with Multicolor LED Lights

Pom Pom Plastic Light...

Bulb Metal Light String - 10 Silver Bulbs with Warm White LED Light

Bulb Metal Light String -...

Filigree Heart Metal Light String - 10 White Hearts with Warm White LED Lights

Filigree Heart Metal Light...

Christmas Tree Metal Light String - 10 Gold Trees with Warm White Lights

Christmas Tree Metal Light...

Star Metal Light String  - 10 Bronze Stars with Multicolor LED Lights

Star Metal Light String -...

Morrocan Balls Metal Light String - 10 Silver Ball with White LED Lights

Morrocan Balls Metal Light...

Morrocan Balls Metal Light String  - 10 Golden Ball with Yellow LED Lights

Morrocan Balls Metal Light...

Kids LED Desk Lamp - Brown

Kids LED Desk Lamp - Brown


7 Colors Changing LED Tea...

LED Ice Cubes  - (Pack of 12)

LED Ice Cubes (Pack of 12)

LED Roses (Pack of 6)

LED Roses (Pack of 6)


Buy LED Products Online at EZ Life

Looking for some cool and trendy LED decorative items for your home? EZ Life is just the right shop to online shop which will add a unique ambiance and set the perfect mood for all you LED lovers, this will not just make your homes look pretty but also add color and happiness to your living. Whether you are having a party or a special event, EZ Life has all the right products to your rescue and make your event a success.


Drinking beer is fun, just imagine the euphoria you get when the mug is spinning and illuminated in different colours. EZ Life brings you LEG Mugs to augment your drinking experience. Bright LED bottom, lights up your drink and makes you look cool at the party. Awe-struck your friends with these superb mugs that not only light up your drink but also your party! These super-cool LED Beverage Cups make great gifts for any occasion or party goer and are great for that hard-to-shop-for party person. Bottoms up - buy yours today!


Cola in a simple glass makes you feel inferior in a party. First, the taunts of being a responsible person and not drinking and secondly, holding a cola drink in a boring glass. It makes you feel out of the place. Ornament your party and party buddies with these beautiful LED Cola Glasses. These glasses can also be used to serve drinks and juices. The perfect Part Supply for all party throwers.


Always wanted to have a club-like party at home? Well, music is not the only thing required, you also need the perfect cutlery and glasses. A party is incomplete without shots. And we have an exclusive range of LED shot glasses that not only lighten ups the drink but illuminates the whole party. This flashing barware lights up once the liquid is poured into making any drink look interesting. LED shot glasses are the perfect way to get your night started off right! Great for holiday parties, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more.


LED Light up Pillow is the perfect gift for children, sweetheart, and beloved one or just uses it to add unique beautiful design to your room and to create a special atmosphere. Create a romantic ambience and enjoy movies with a dim light emitting from these cute cushions. These LED cushions can also be used as a nightlight. These cushions are a perfect ornament and an essential prop for pajama parties. Pretty, squishy and cuddly-- the perfect gift for your kids and adults too. The LED lights keep changing colors and very small that you don't even feel them when you touch the pillow, so you can use it as a regular pillow with the light or without the light. Available in different shapes and colours.


Cute resin Macaroon with fold-able LED Light at the top! An excellent option for the night light to watch your small baby Lightweight, portable and flexible Box Packaging makes it a great gift for the kid’s parties.


LED Lights can be used for various purposes, parties, festive decorations, homecomings etc. These are available in sets that can be easily hung on the walls or hooks. It not only adds light to the room but also complements the décor. The LED light sets go with all types of home décor and it suits all types of parties and music, be it jazz, hip-hop, pop or simply a family get together.

The party never ends, neither does the party supplies. Buy finest collection of LED products at EZ Life. A perfect gift for housewarming, festivals and corporate events.