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EZ Life Speedy Bike Wall Clock


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Giraffe with Pendulam -  Kids Wall Clock - Multicolor

Giraffe With Pendulam -...

Crazy Clown with Pendulam -  Kids Wall Clock- Multicolor

Crazy Clown With Pendulam -...

Perky Parrot with Pendulum - Kids Wall Clock - Blue

Perky Parrot With Pendulum...

Owl with Pendulam - Kids Wall Clock - Yellow

Owl With Pendulum - Kids...

Owl with Pendulam - Kids Wall Clock - Green

Owl With Pendulum - Kids...

Whacky Watch Dial Wall Clock - White and Green

Whacky Watch Dial Wall...

Whacky Watch Dial Wall Clock - White and Pink

Whacky Watch Dial Wall...

Whacky Watch Dial Wall Clock - White and Blue

Whacky Watch Dial Wall...

Funky Wall Clock - White Rim and Blue

Funky Wall Clock - White...

DIY Bunny Rabbit Clock Set

DIY Bunny Rabbit Clock Set


Buy Kids Wall Clocks Online at EZ Life

Each kid needs a clock, not only for punctuality but to keep a track of time as they write a test or play video games. Retouch your kid's study table and their bedroom with EZ Life’s kids clock collection which adds a functional as well as a disciplinary element in your kids like. These lovely pieces are the perfect addition to the kids that are preparing for exams. Giving you many choices to choose from. Our large assortment of kid’s clocks can accent your kid’s bedroom stand and study table.

Features of Kids Clocks:

A kid’s clock is tough, long-lasting and reliable. We follow the values that we learn when we are a kid, let’s teach our kid a new value, punctuality. They are not only used to read time but also elevates the décor. They don’t go out of style. These are manufactured from a high-quality material, making them durable. These time pieces can be used in home, living room, drawing room, bedroom etc.

Benefits of Kids Clocks:

Kids clocks are economical, they are motorized machines which are battery operated and have a longer life as they are kept in solitude, there is a minimal chance of any damage.

The installation of kids clock is hassle free. It requires only one AA battery, take up minimal space and provide endless benefits.

These kids clocks are very helpful in the preparation for exams, following a schedule etc.

These time pieces are a one-time investment. Kids clock once bought works perfectly fine for at least 6-7 years.

Kids clocks have an elegant look that is eye-catching and helps you be on time every time. It gives a stylish look to the room and a colourful fill.

Types of Kids clocks at EZ Life:

There are various types of kids clocks available at EZ Life:

Kids clock with pendulum: Who doesn’t like a clock with the pendulum? Let your kid enhance his/her imagination with each oscillation. A clock that suits perfectly for all kids. At EZ Life, we have a variety of pendulum clocks; Sailing Yacht, Perky Parrot, Crazy Clown and Giraffe.

Funky Kids Wall Clock: A kids clock that shows time and with cool colours that go perfectly with kid’s room’s wall paint. The dial is simple and attractive, easy for kids to read time at a glance. Available in blue and green colours.

Whacky Watch Dial Wall Clock for Kids: A clock designed like a watch. A perfect colour combination with a simple dial, making it easy for kids to read time. Pink for girls, blue for boys and green for siblings who share a room and want to avoid a fight.

Price of Kids clocks at EZ Life:

The price of the clock depends on the material used for manufacturing and the finishing of the time piece. There are many varieties of these clocks at EZ Life. We have an array of kids clocks starting from Rs. 599/- to Rs. 2000/-.

Size of kids clocks:

Kids clocks need to be of a specific size, as they are going to be used in the kid’s room, so, they need to utilise minimum space. The size of kids clocks at EZ Life is of appropriate size to see the time at a glance, because when kid’s look at a kids clock, they do not glance for more than five seconds, keeping it simple and usable. Kids clocks at EZ Life are big enough to read the time at a glimpse, but not too big that look out of place.

Shop online at EZ Life today and get your children the perfect kids clock at affordable prices which is unique and attractive. Another use of kids clock is that it can be gifted as return gift, birthday present, Santa gift etc.