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Travel Friends - Seat Belt Buddies - Bear

Travel Friends - Seat Belt...

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Travel Friends - Seat Belt Buddies - Panda

Travel Friends - Seat Belt...

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Travel Friends - Seat Belt Buddies -  Duck

Travel Friends - Seat Belt...

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Travel Friends - Seat Belt Buddies -  Frog

Travel Friends - Seat Belt...

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Travel Friends - Seat Belt Buddies - Lion

Travel Friends - Seat Belt...

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Travel Friends - Seat Belt Buddies -  Pink Fairy

Travel Friends - Seat Belt...

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Travel  Safety - Bag Number Locks  - Assorted Design - Pack of 2

Travel Safety - Bag Number...

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Travel Safety Bag Strap,Number Lock & ID Tag Set

Travel Safety Bag...

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Travel Safety - 3 Dial TSA Combination Luggage Lock - Mix Color - Pack of 2

Travel Safety - 3 Dial TSA...

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Buy Kids Locks and Straps Online at EZ Life

Safety of luggage is very important during a travel. All the valuables are packed in the luggage. Be it jewellery, electronics like laptops, camera et cetera, or some expensive souvenirs; everything and anything is important. Re-seal your kids luggage with a wide collection of straps and locks by EZ Life. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

Kids Luggage Straps at EZ Life

Kids luggage straps come with a vast array of helpful benefits. These baggage items help to make suitcases easier to pick out in a crowded of similar bags on airport carousels. These kinds of bands offer added protection should the zipper become damaged or if something happens to the locks. The bands can protect the bag from opening. They also help to prevent theft when the bag is unattended.

Baggage bands can be found in several different styles, sizes and colours. The luggage strap comes with elastic capabilities. These locks are more secure than the average suitcase locks. There are also locks that can be added to strap designs that are clip on devices with combination dials.

The high-quality luggage straps come with bands that can stretch to fit any size bag. This is particularly helpful for very large bags. Luggage straps at EZ Life come with length adjuster, so that, the strap is a perfect fit and holds the length of the bag firmly.

Several types of bags can be fitted. Many designs and styles are even made to be fitted around different bag sizes. They are special strap devices that have combination locks. A travel strap with lock secures the bag more efficiently. The strap designs also have certain information printed on them to make them easier to identify. The owner’s contact information can also be included in the event the bag is lost. 

Kids Locks at EZ Life

A classic 3-Digit combination lock is one of a high selling product at EZ Life. These locks are wired and durable. A number lock helps to hold your bag’s zippers together, so they don’t work their way open while in transit, leaking socks and innerwear all over the baggage carousel.

Bag locks can also be used while travelling in bus, train or sharing a dorm room with strangers. A combination lock ensures safety while on the road. Some travellers even lock their suitcases during the day at hotels to deter potential theft by housekeepers. These locks can be used for kids backpacks to avoid accidental chain opening and keep all the belongs safe when on a tour and during the journey.

To keep your kid's luggage, gym & school lockers or cage safe and secure from theft and loss. Helps lock all zips together to stop re-sealing if anyone tries tampering with the zipper. A 3-digit combination which is easy to use and very secure. Ideal for your little girl's backpack to keep her teddy's safe and perfect for travellers who love to hit the road in the middle of the night. Lock holds all zips together to re-sealing, stopping anyone trying to tamper with the zipper.

Price of Luggage Straps and Locks at EZ Life

The locks are TSA approved, it certifies that they are of high quality. The price of locks starts from Rs. 299/- for a set of 2 locks. We have locks in a set of two because a traveller usually travels with at least two baggage - One suitcase and one carry on. The straps are made of high quality material which is stretchable. The straps are adjustable according to the size of the bag with a 3-number combination lock, that provides better safety.

Make your kids journey safe and free from all the mishaps that could occur to your kids baggage with EZ Life’s wide collection of Locks and Straps for kids. An ideal choice for kids birthday and return gift.