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Buy Kids Carry Bag Online at EZ Life

EZ Life online has various products that will accommodate all your important items in one place and take care of your small belongings. Kids carry bags are a huge necessity in a parent’s life. These carry bags look small, but, can pack many items of importance. Kids carry bags at EZ Life are of appropriate size to carry anywhere and anyhow. It is practical with many functional benefits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Kids carry bags can be used to carry home cooked meal for your loved ones when on the road. Lunchbox, snacks and water bottles can easily fit in, saving space for a pair of spare clothes and other items of importance like medicines, lotions etc.
  • Very practical to be used for one-day picnics. Kids carry bags can pack all the requirements for kids and their travel needs. Water bottles, tiffin, clothes etc. are some of the things that we usually carry on a picnic.
  • These bags can also be used to carry your child’s stuff for a night’s stay at a resort, hotel, or camps. Very practical for kids to use; carry milk, snacks, a compact electronic stove and much more without any hassle.
  • Kids carry bags at EZ Life allows you to carry all the carry on in a single bag. Making it convenient and easy. Easy while packing and allowing you to know the whereabouts of your kid’s toys and other belongings.
  • These carry bags can also be used by moms and ladies to carry their cosmetics, toiletries and other personal stuff. Highly usable and stylish. Cute designs of kids carry bags suits all personality and never seems out of place.

Kids Thermal Lunch Bag

Keeps the food warm, waterproof. Carry this cool designed thermal tiffin bag to school, office or for the picnic! Its thermally insulated inner-walls keeps the food warm up to 3 hours! Small attractive size and convenient to wash easily! Made up of Waterproof material. Use it to carry food or your small belongings alone anywhere you go!

Kids Waterproof Picnic Bag

Accommodate all your favourite items whether snacks or toys in this cute tote to carry around! It has a zipper closure. Safe and durable. Sit on the beach or by the pool with kids waterproof picnic bag made up of waterproof material. All the belongings shall remain safe. Suitable to keep mobile phones, cash and a dry pair of clothes while on the beach. Available in various colours and sizes. Shop from a huge collection of kids waterproof picnic bag according to your style and need.

Kids Multi-Purpose Bag

Kids multi-purpose bags can be used for n number of reasons. Carry it around while shopping, strolling in the mall, relaxing on a holiday, travelling to a relative’s house etc. This can be used for any and every purpose. The bag is big enough to carry snacks, toys, a blanket, pair of clothes etc. Use are per requirement. Highly practical and durable.  

Price of Kids Carry Bags

The price of kids bags at EZ Life are fixed keeping the quality of the bag, the durability and benefits you derive from these bags. The bags start at Rs. 349 only. Different sizes are available in the same design. Carry these cute bags anywhere and make a style statement. It’s a great deal for the price you pay.

All the products are available in various colours and sizes, so grab your favourite today and shop online at EZ Life.

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