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Trivet - Large - Zig Zag...


Trivet - Medium - Zig Zag...


Placemat - Zig Zag Blossom...

Hanging Bottle Candle Stand - Purple (Pack of 2)

Hanging Bottle Candle Stand...

Metal Tea-Light Holder - Silver Round Ring

Metal Tea-Light Holder -...

Metal Tea-Light Holder - Silver Butterfly

Metal Tea-Light Holder -...

Metal Tea-Light Holder - Silver Crown

Metal Tea-Light Holder -...

Metal Tea-Light Holder - Silver Pearl

Metal Tea-Light Holder -...

Metal Hanging Candle Holder - Purple Glass (Pack of 2)

Metal Hanging Candle Holder...

Metal Candle Stand - Round Multicolor Stained Glass Lantern - Black - Small

Metal Candle Stand - Round...


Buy Home Décor Accents Online at EZ Life

Homes are a reflection of your personality and perception on how you see things in life. Browse and choose from the most exciting and widespread range of home décor at EZ life which will help you make your homes more creative and beautiful by adding more elements with the perfect products at such affordable ranges! Make your homes enlighten and unique and fill it with lovely essentials by shopping online with us at EZ Life. 

Collapsible Ottoman

Collapsible ottoman also known as poufs are small little furniture which does not acquire much space in your houses, they fit anywhere and are easy to move around as they are light in weight. EZ Life brings you classic yet trendy poufs which are made from leather which makes it very easy to clean. All you need a wet cloth to wipe it. The collapsible ottomans are super light in weight and come in various designs and sizes to choose from. We also feature in kid’s collapsible ottoman with cute and fun designs with colourful options which your kids will love.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

DIY’s are the coolest way of showing your creative skills, so decorate your home, in your style. DIY helps you to improve your imagination and visualize better. At EZ life, we have several DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products that help in mental and physical refreshment as well as help you learn many new concepts. Utilize your spare time and enjoy some quality moments with your children while decorating your home.

LED Products

Looking for some cool and trendy LED decorative items for your home? EZ Life is just the right shop to online shop which will add a unique ambiance and set the perfect mood for all you LED lovers, this will not just make your homes look pretty but also add colour and happiness to your living. Whether you are having a party or a special event, EZ Life has all the right products to your rescue and make your event a success.


Clocks are the most important aspect of everyday life. Clocks are not only an important utility but also adds an essence of decorative element to the room. The only difference between a wallflower and a clock is that we glance it more times a day than we look at the wallflower in our entire lifetime. Clocks at EZ Life are stylish, authentic and exclusive. The decorative wall clock range for kids and adults is highly practical. There are more than 20 designs of wall clocks and desk clocks at EZ Life that add a fashionable effect to the room. Suitable to use in home, office, bedroom, kitchen and other relevant places.

Arts and Murals

We all have an artic mind and always want to explore. Arts and murals collection at EZ Life is inspired by individuals like yourselves. We have a wide collection of oil paintings, canvas painting, fountains and showpieces. Encourage yourself and enhance your imagination with EZ Life’s extensive range of Arts and Murals.

Idols & Figurines

Idol and Figurines add elegance and beauty to your homes, EZ Life online shopping brings you a variety of water fountains and idol showpieces which you cannot say no to at affordable prices with unique designs and styles to decorate your beautiful homes.

Bath Accessories

A bathroom with accessories can say a lot about one’s personality. Decorate your bathroom and enhance your personality with EZ Life’s Bath Sets for kids and adults. At EZ Life, we have all the essentials required to decorate and maintain a healthy bathroom. Shower curtains, dustbins, laundry bags, tissue boxes, soap holder, hand wash dispenser and many more. Shop online for the best designs and colours that compliment your bath décor and enchants the experience.

Make your homes a creative living with EZ Life’s Home Décor essentials. Shop now for the best compliments for your excellent interior designs.