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Buy Kids Cutlery Online at EZ Life

Meals get fun when kids have their own cute looking animal cutlery to enjoy from. The cutlery can act as a form of a toy which would keep your child busy and energised and play with them when they have their meal. EZ Life brings fancy designs to shop from which your child will absolutely love.

Cutlery Set

No more kids’ tantrums on the dining table! Kids will enjoy eating their meals with their favourite cartoon cutlery! Child friendly and made of Stainless Steel to ensure durability. Each set includes a fork, a knife and a spoon. An innovative gifting idea for birthdays. Available in different animal designs.

Benefits of Kids Dining and Cutlery set:

From a young age, we start learning all the good habits. Eating peacefully and happily is one very important habit in everyone’s life. EZ Life’s kids cutlery and kids dining set give you the assistance required to make your kids habitual to an activity. Attractive colours of the dining set make helps your kid’s brain development. The colours pop up making the food look attractive and appealing. Health is a major concern of parents when it comes to there child, Cutlery Sets at EZ Life are made from quality material that is children friendly and maintains the health of the food.

Kids Bottle

Kids are the apple of our eyes so why not attract them with cool and trendy Kids Water Bottles at EZ Life online shopping which will make them happy and excited every time they sip water and allay your fears about his or her well-being. We provide you with child friendly designs and perfect designs which your child would love.

Benefits of Kids Bottle:

Colourful bottles make the drink more appealing. Water when drank in a coloured or funky shaped bottle always fulfils the thirst. Kids bottle can be used for many reasons, school bottle, travelling, studying etc. The bottles are made from the best quality material that is BPA free and eco-friendly. Also, these bottles are measured accurately, so, you can keep a check on much water your kid is drinking every day.

Fluffy water bottle

Add a style statement to your child’s bag with this cute bottle. It has a furry soft jacket on a high-quality silicon water bottle. This makes drinking a fun filled activity. The furry jacket on this fluffy water bottle is so soft, that kids want to keep on holding the bottle. It is a human psychology to eat or drink something if we are holding it for a long time. This results in kids drinking more water from this fluffy water bottle. Available in different colours. Colour shall be shipped according to availability.

Citrus infuser

Designed specifically for citrus fruits, Zing away with lemons, limes, clementine's and more. The Citrus Zinger offers an easy way to extract juice and flavour from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle. Creating delicious lemonades, limeades and orangeades, the Citrus Zinger flavour infuser is great for the active, on-the-go water drinker.

Benefits of Citrus Infuser

Helps to add citrus flavour to the water. The citrus infuser bottle is one such product that can be used by everyone for any reason. The infuser allows the flavour of the fruits to infuse in the water along with vitamins and electrolytes. The infuser prevents the threads of the fruit to infuse in the water. Water with citrus juice is good for the body. It provides the body with vitamin C and helps in keeping the body hydrated. Citric water helps the body to fight against diseases, increasing the immunity. This bottle has many features that help your kid’s growth and health.

Shop the cutest cutlery your child can ever have at EZ Life online shopping and make yourself go 'AWW'.