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Buy Double Wall Mugs Online At EZ Life

EZ Life has a range of Double Wall Mugs that fit the budget as well as have excellent appeal.

At EZ Life, we believe in complete customer satisfaction. Unless we are satisfied, we cannot expect complete customer satisfaction. So, to improve the coffee drinking experience, we have a series of Double Wall Glass Mugs. The mugs are available in diverse measures and styles. The price of the mugs set is fixed according to the exclusivity of the cut-mugs and engineering methods. There are various uses of these mugs and several benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

Why use Double Wall Mugs?

There are many benefits of these mugs.

Microwave safe: The Double Wall Mugs are microwavable and not affected by heat and light, the elementary functioning of a microwave.

Heat Resistant: Pressurized air between two glass layers acts as an insulation, retaining the temperature for a longer time, makes it suitable for daily use.

Sustainability: These mugs are long lasting as they the perfect shape and balance. Although the mug has a heavy bottom, it is light in weight, so you can hold it for a longer time. The mugs are dishwasher safe.

Appearance: Artistic and rare designs of the mugs are fashionable. The sophisticated appeal and stunning look brands a style statement.

Various measures: EZ Life’s Double Wall Mugs has different measures for multiple uses from 150ml thermo mugs to 350ml tall mugs.

How to purchase Double Wall Mugs in India?

Being one of the forerunners in Double Wall segment in the Indian Market. We value our customers and their choices. Our aim is to provide with best quality products where customers feel value for their money. As we are in an ecommerce market, our store is open seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, feel free to order anytime. We guarantee delivery across India within 7 business days.

How are Double Wall Mugs made?

Double wall glasses are engineered with care. Each output is checked at least three times. Qualified professionals supervise automated manufacturing process. The blast furnace is in a well-ventilated area, allowing all the heat to escape with affecting the health of the workers. The process is very simple, two glasses are manufactured with the highest quality minerals, then they are forged to form one glass of desired shape and size.

How much to pay for Double Wall Mugs at EZ Life?

The mugs are priced according to the efforts put in by the workers and the cost of production. These double layered coffee mugs start from Rs. 1,100/-.

What to use Double Wall Mugs for?

These mugs can be used to sip on morning coffee or a midnight hot chocolate. Double wall espresso cups can be used for morning coffee measurements. Tea infuser in this exquisite piece of crockery is specifically designed for green tea lovers, convenient and need not dip-in again and again. Mugs with infuser allow green tea and infusers to seep in easily.

Double wall mugs are shipped in fragile with an intact packing, consisting of bubble wrapped in a hard cardboard box. Double Wall Mugs are packed as a single unit, ideal for personal as well as corporate gifting.