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Double Wall Glass - Swag...


Double Wall Funky Shot...


Double Wall Spruce Glass -...


Double Wall Spiral Mugs -...


Double Wall Chic Glass -...

Cocktail Glass with Smoky Tail ( Pack of 2)

Cocktail Glass With Smoky...

Double Wall Sassy Cup - 300 ml (Pack of 4)

Double Wall Sassy Cup -...

Double Wall Winestein - 200 ml ( Pack of 2 )

Double Wall Winestein Glass...

Boss Tea Infuser Cup With Strainer and Lid - 300 ml (1piece )

Boss Tea Infuser Cup With...

Elegant Tea Infuser Glass With Strainer and Lid - 350 ml  (1piece)

Elegant Tea Infuser Glass...

Double Wall Pourer Jug - 700ml (1 piece)

Double Wall Pourer Jug -...

Double Wall Shaker Bottle - 550 ml ( 1 piece )

Double Wall Shaker Bottle -...

Replacement Glass Infuser and Lid for Double Wall Infuser Cup 350ml

Replacement Glass Infuser &...

Double Wall Glass- 'You' - 350 ml

Double Wall You Glass - 350...

Double Wall Glass- 'You' - 250 ml

Double Wall You Glass - 250...

Double Wall Glass - Tropical - 300ml

Double Wall Tropical Glass...

Double Wall Martini Cup Glass - 200 ml

Double Wall Martini Glass -...

Double Wall Delight Glass - 250ml

Double Wall Delight Glass -...

Double Wall Tall Glasses -  450 ml (Pack of 4)

Double Wall Tall Glasses -...

Double Wall Party Glasses  - 350 ml (Pack of 4)

Double Wall Party Glasses -...

Double Wall Twisty Glasses -  200ml

Double Wall Twisty Glasses...

Double Wall Espresso Shot Glass (4 Pieces)

Double Wall Espresso Shot...

Double Wall Glass - Elite - 200ml (4 Pieces)

Double Wall Glass - Elite -...

Double Wall Glass - Curve - 200ml (4 Pieces)

Double Wall Glass - Curve -...

Double Wall Glass - Round - 250ml (4 Pieces )

Double Wall Glass - Round -...


Buy Double Wall Glasses at EZ Life

EZ Life has a range of Double Wall Glasses that fit the budget as well as have excellent look and feel.

At EZ Life, we believe in complete customer satisfaction. And until, we are satisfied, we cannot expect customer to be happy. So, to improve the experience we have a range of Double Wall Glasses. The glasses are available in different sizes and designs. The price of the glass set is fixed according to the uniqueness of the cut-glass and manufacturing techniques. There are various uses of these glasses and multiple benefits. Some of them are mentioned below.

Accessibility of Double Walled Glasses in India:

We are one of the first pioneers of Double Walled Glass in the Indian market. EZ Life being one of the most trusted brands for its quality and service. We value our customers and their choices. Our aim is to provide with best quality products where customers feel value for their money. As we are in an e-commerce market, our store is open 24x7. So, feel free to order anytime and from anywhere in India. We guarantee delivery across India within 7 business days.

Manufacturing of Double Wall Glasses:

Double wall glasses are manufactured under strict supervision. The two glass layers are manufactured in different blast furnaces. Best quality sand and minerals are used for the production of these glasses. Different moulds are used for quirky shapes. These glasses are then moulded together to produce a single glass with pressurized air in-between them. The complete procedure is machine operated to maintain the purity.

Prices of Double Wall Glasses at EZ Life:

The glasses are priced according to its attractive appearance. Price of these exquisite double layer glass starts from Rs. 600.

Various uses of Double Wall Glasses:

Tea, coffee, lemonade or cocktails, Double layer glasses are ideal for daily use as well as special occasions. These glasses can be used to drink anything and everything. Espresso shots can be measured to perfection with double walled glasses that are specifically designed for shots. Martini is an iconic cocktail and needs to be served right, Double Wall Martini glasses are a groovy way to serve martinis. Glass with infuser allows green tea and infusers to seep in hot water.

Benefits of Double Wall Glass:

There are numerous benefits of these glasses. Few of them are listed below.

Microwave safe: The glasses are resistant to heat and light, thus they are microwavable.

Heat Resistant: Pressurized air between two glass layers prevent conduction of heat and acts as an insulator, maintaining the temperature for a longer time.

Durability: The heavy bottom gives a perfect balance to hold the glass as well as rest on the desk. On the contrary, the glass is light in weight, convenient to hold on for a longer time. The glass is dishwasher safe making it very convenient to use and maintain.

Appearance: Creative and quirky design of the glass is trendy. The glass makes the drink look like it’s a bubble.

Various measures: EZ Life’s Double Wall Glasses has different measures for multiple uses from 80ml shots to 450ml tall glasses.

Each glass is packed individually in bubble wrap and hard cardboard box. This additional benefit makes it convenient to carry.

Double Wall Glasses could also be used to serve confectioneries and desserts. These glasses are ideal for personal as well as corporate gifts.