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Cocktail Glass with Smoky Tail ( Pack of 2)

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Double Wall Sassy Cup - 300 ml (Pack of 4)

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Double Wall Royal Tea Cup Set with Saucer - 250 ml ( Set of 4)

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Double Wall Winestein - 200 ml ( Pack of 2 )

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Boss Tea Infuser Cup With Strainer and Lid - 300 ml (1piece )

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Elegant Tea Infuser Glass With Strainer and Lid - 350 ml  (1piece)

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Double Wall Pourer Jug - 700ml (1 piece)

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Double Wall Shaker Bottle - 550 ml ( 1 piece )

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Glass Tea Pot - Chai Pot - 650ml ( 1piece)

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Double Wall Cup- Zesty Serving Bowl - 150ml ( Pack of 4)

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Double Wall Cup- Giggle Dessert Bowl - 120 ml (Pack of 4)

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Replacement Glass Infuser and Lid for Double Wall Infuser Cup 350ml

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Double Wall Salad/Soup Bowl - 600ml

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Double Wall Cup- Groovy Dessert Bowl- 300ml

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Double Wall Cup - Coffee & Dessert Bowl - 180ml

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Double Wall Glass- 'You' - 350 ml

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Double Wall Glass- 'You' - 250 ml

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Buy Double Wall Collection Online at EZ Life

A double wall is perfect for too many reasons! The unique look of your beverage, It insulates your drink, The glass or mug is very sturdy so it doesn’t slip and is light in weight. Give your dining décor and kitchenware a stylish and sophisticated touch with EZ Life’s Double Wall Glass Collection. Elevate your tea parties and dining experience with fancy crockery that suits your personality. Use of double wall is not only stylish but also portrays healthy etiquettes. In India, people have generous nature and they leave no stones unturned when it comes to hospitality. Make your guests feel special with gorgeous double layered crockery.

Availability of Double Wall products in India:

EZ Life is a trusted name in the Indian market for double wall insulated products. Our goal is to make our customer feel that their money is spent well. We are open for you 24x7, 365 days with guaranteed 7 days delivery across India.

Production of Double Wall:

Double wall insulators are manufactured robotically under professional supervision. Finest quality sand, soda ash and limestones are used to deliver a top-notch product. They are manufactured in different shapes and sizes.

Prices of Double Walls at EZ Life:

The products are priced according to the elite appeal and funky designs. Price of these exquisite insulated double layer glass starts from Rs. 649.

Double Wall Collection at EZ Life:

EZ Life has an excellent collection of double wall products that not only enhance the dining décor but are practical too. We have an array of sophisticated double walls that includes bowls, cups & saucers, glasses and mugs. There are many unique designs in each category that caters all your needs. 

Double Wall Cups and Saucers

These are a unique way to serve cocktails, hot piping Tea, coffee or green tea! The drink appears floating when served in a double walled cup! Double layer construction resists heat and prevents condensation. Keeps the hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a longer period of time. Microwave Safe. Mouth-blown glasses.

Double Wall Glasses 

This EZ Life's glasses is a perfect way to serve wine, cocktail, or any other beverage in the best looking manner.

Double Wall Mugs

Double Wall Tall Mug is a unique way to serve any drink! Whether you serve a tea, coffee or green tea, you surely will create an impression on your guests!


Microwavable: The Double Walls are microwave safe and easy to reheat frozen desserts and warm up hot consuming beverages.

Heat Resistant: Pressurized air between two glass layers acts as an insulation, retaining the temperature for a longer time. It also prevents the hotness/coldness of the food from pricking the hand.

Sustainability: These products are long lasting, as they are made from finest minerals. They are unique and classy, which never go out of fashion.

Appearance: Double Wall collection at EZ Life is tailored to faultlessness and perfection. The beverage served looks like it’s floating, making it more appealing.

Various measures: EZ Life’s Double Wall collection have an average measure of 200ml.

Packing is an important aspect of fragile goods. The goods are packed individually, and bubble wrapped in a hard-cardboard box and shipped in fragile. This additional benefit makes easy to store. Double Wall is an exclusive and bestselling series of EZ Life, which makes it ideal for personal use as well as corporate gifting.