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Double Wall Cup- Zesty Serving Bowl - 150ml ( Pack of 4)

Double Wall Zesty Serving...

Double Wall Cup- Giggle Dessert Bowl - 120 ml (Pack of 4)

Double Wall Giggle Dessert...

Double Wall Salad/Soup Bowl - 600ml

Double Wall Salad & Soup...

Double Wall Cup- Groovy Dessert Bowl- 300ml

Double Wall Groovy Dessert...

Double Wall Cup - Coffee & Dessert Bowl - 180ml

Double Wall Coffee &...


Buy Double Wall Bowls Online At EZ Life

Give your dining décor and dessert serving a stylish and sophisticated touch with EZ Life’s Double Wall Bowls.

At EZ Life customer comes first. We believe in customer satisfaction. So, to be faithful to our values, we have a range of products that suit all the soups and dessert serving occasions. The bowls are available in various measures and styles. These are priced according to the exclusivity of the material used and satisfaction the user gets after the experience.

Availability of Double Walled Bowls in India:

We are one of the pioneers of double walled insulated bowls in the Indian market. We value our customers and their choices. Our aim is to provide with best quality products where customers feel value for their money. We do not compromise on the quality, making us reliable.

Production of Double Wall Bowls:

Double wall insulated bowls are manufactured robotically. Two glass layers are annealed in two different blast furnaces. Finest quality sand, soda ash and limestones are used. Different molds are used for unusual shapes and sizes. The two glasses are then forged together to form one cup with pressurized air acting as an insulator.

Prices of Double Wall Bowls set at EZ Life:

The bowls sets are priced according to the elite appeal and funky designs. Price of these exquisite insulated double layer ice cream bowl starts from Rs. 649.

Various uses of Double Wall Bowls:

Soup, salads or desserts, double layer glass bowls are ideal for daily use as well as special occasions. These bowls can be used to serve soups to guests, enjoy a healthy salad or plate up a mouth-watering dessert. Double wall insulated glass bowls are great for those who love to explore their taste buds with every bite of a delicious dessert. They are specifically designed for health-conscious individuals who need to keep a count of calories consumed.

Features and benefits:

There are many benefits of double layer bowls:

Microwavable: The Double Wall Bowls are microwavable; easy to reheat frozen desserts.

Heat Resistant: Pressurized air between two glass layers acts as an insulation, retaining the temperature for a longer time. Resulting in desserts and ice creams remaining in solid state for a longer time and soups staying warmer.

Sustainability: These bowls are long lasting, as they are made from finest minerals. The flat bottom of the rests perfectly on the dining and a coaster. On the contrary, the bowls are light in weight, convenient to hold on for a longer time. The bowls are dishwasher safe, making it very convenient to maintain for a longer period.

Appearance: Double Wall bowls collection at EZ Life are tailored to faultlessness and perfection. The delicacy in the bowl looks like it’s floating, making it more appealing.

Various measures: EZ Life’s Double Wall Bowls collection have a measure of 120ml bowls to 600ml serving bowls.

Packing is an important aspect of fragile goods. The bowls are bubble wrapped in a hard cardboard box and shipped in fragile. This additional benefit makes it perfect for gifting on special occasions.