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Number Candles – Light and Sound A birthday is very special for everyone, no matter what he/she says that it’s just like any other day. Secretly, we all wait for that special day. And we try and do everything to make it the best day possible.... View More
A kid’s brain grows at a rapid speed from the age of 6 months to 9 years. Particularly, the right-brain which is associated with creativity and grasping power starts to slow down its capability with the increase in the use of left-brain; i.e. associated... View More
Who doesn’t adore a beautiful kitchen decorated with flairs of creativity and style which seem to replicate one from the children’s comic books? Decorating the kitchen is not popular around the world, however, a decorated kitchen may seem too much,... View More
Kids learn efficiently if demonstrated practical to them. Similarly, they learn the value of feelings when they take care of a plant, and that too a plant which grows right from the seed. The process germination is quite easy to understand if the kid is... View More
Organization is a very important part of our day to day lives. Organizers can surely take a lot of time to get things in place, however, the time spent in organizing more of an investment than wastage. The sole purpose of organization is to find a... View More
A kids’ room is their special place. And we as parents, need to keep their special place as their happy place. In this whole world, a kid may lie to their best friend, but their room is their holy place, they can never lie to their room because their room... View More
Dogs are man's best friend. Dogs seem happy all the time and highly influence our lifestyle and behavior. Dogs help in curing depression and plants a soft corner in the cold heart which makes us happy. When dogs give us so much love and affection, it... View More
Humans are highly creative in the younger stage of life, the reason is that our right mind, which is associated with creativity develops the most during the initial stages of life. It’s a simple concept, babies and kids don’t know anything, and they must... View More
Bathrooms are always messy, sometimes, there is a sweet aroma of the soap lingering in the air, while other times, it’s just the stink of stagnant water that fills up the air. Anyway, the bathroom is messiest right after a shower. Water splashing all over... View More
A wall clock is essential to home décor. Although, we all have a piece of equipment either on our wrists or in our pocket that displays time. A wall clock is an element of home décor which makes the room seem complete and elegant. The elegance of... View More
In a city where work is more important than self and wealth is mightier than health, all of us are striving to make it to the top, without expecting our internal system to support us. There are many who have made it to the top with will and... View More
Kitchen drawers are often cluttered with handy utensils like serving spoons, tablespoons, knives, etc. It is difficult to manage a neat and clean kitchen drawer. The common problems faced are the trolley getting stuck, the spoons entangled in each other... View More
A  condiment set  is a spice, sauce, or any preparation holder that is added to food to impart a particular flavour , to enhance its flavour , or in some  cultures , to complement the dish. Most of our recipes require a whole lot of spices and various... View More
EZ Life has a wide range of coasters are suitable for personal as well as professional environmental use. Wooden tea coasters are appropriate for longer use rather than short term plastic coasters. Plastic coasters easily tend to wear off when they are... View More
Umbrellas are required as much in the summer season as rains. Summer in India is hot with continuous loo blowing through the day under the sun. There can be multiple effects of the intense heat. It is necessary to take care of our body during the... View More
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